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I have known Scott for many years, even though we’ve never met in person. I consider him one of the special people in my life.

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Alice Cooper Eye Sculpture by Scott Stevens


Write-up about my wonderfully creative friend, Scott.


Originally posted on The Worleygig:

Alice Cooper Eye Sculpture
Artwork and Photo By Scott Stevens

In a backyard garden in Austin, Texas, lush with native succulents and clusters of Baby Doll Heads on Sticks, artist Scott Stevens has built a unique totem to his favorite musical performer, Alice Cooper. Scott has given an exclusive on this larger than life representation of Cooper’s iconic eye makeup and how the sculpture came to be.

“I started with a discarded metal fence pole set in a concrete plug,” Scott explains. “Once that was in the ground, I cast a concrete footer around the plug for stability. I used found metal pieces, lathing, tar paper, and lots of bell wire to tie it all together. To create the form I used Portland cement mixed with sand on top of the armature (metal framework). I learned a lot about methods and materials while putting the sculpture together.”

“The totem changes color —…

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