In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month:


Here is the link to the recipe:


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4 responses to “Mammo-grahams

  1. That’s very funny. I stole it for my Facebook page. Thanks.

  2. And where is this sense of humor when you go in to be grammed? Some gram crackers would be very welcomed by the gramee.

  3. No stupid pink ribbons, I might add – YAY! I received some ads in my inbox from vendors who were using the pink ribbon to highlight their specials, and I emailed them all that I won’t do any pink ribbon crap due to money grubbing female assjerks, and then unsubscribed from their lists. Then I contacted the Komen assjerks and told them where they could stuff their pink ribbons.

    Obviously I used this opportunity to get this crap off my chest. Hee hee.

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