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Paws before you play

Ooh, you are hunky, dang! Oh shit! I mean, oh flip! Wait, WAIT! Paws before you play!

Okay, enough paws, now where were we?


Fee Speech

My version of the protest that would have occurred if Brisdull had not been disinvited to Wash. U.

Brisdull’s “message” is simplistic and expensive.

Why not a single teen mom who actually had to struggle?

Rich and famous is not a typical result of unsafe sex.

Brisdull arrives and thinks the college students are mouthy elites who can’t appreciate her heartfelt and expensive message of don’t have babies as a teenager unless you think it might make you rich. Famous babies are easier than college. And more patriotic.

The students wonder why Brisdull doesn’t care enough about her message to spread the word without a big pricetag.

Do what I say, not what I do. Thank you, that will be $17,000 please, certified check.

Brisdull spreads a message of profit, not hope or information.

Nothing typical about Brisdull’s single teen mom situation.

What has Brisdull got to offer that a local teen mom doesn’t?

I don’t get it. You people want to stop me from exercising my free speech.

I have a right to be compensated for my free speech.

My lawyer will be suing you for censoring my free speech.

You are all H8Rs.

You can go to jail with that scary monster hacker we sent to prison. Bad behavior has consequences you know.


Growing America, 500 patriotic calories at a time. Woohoo!!

My Spudnut moment

I’ve been craving a donut ever since Sarah talked about us needing more Spudnut moments. I just caved and got one, but I salvaged enough willpower to play with my donut before eating it.

And here’s his friend.


Please stand by…

As I mentioned when I fired up this blog, I have been in the middle of some technical difficulties that don’t allow me to produce new photo essays. The computer that had my picture editing program and all of my picture archives is in computer heaven (or hell, where it deserves to be), and my pictures have been sitting on an external drive. The new computer is finally almost here (from Alaska), already loaded with my archives and photo program. It should be up and running by next week.

The other issue has been a lack of dolls for my primary characters. I finally got two dolls to play Sarah.  One is already fixed up to be her tv interview persona. The other needs to be Sarahfied and will be the in-person Sarah. Todd is still an issue. The only place left to hunt for a suitable replacement is the dreaded mall. I’ve been everywhere else. So I will grit my teeth, pull up my suspenders, and face the mall sometime in the next week. It is a shame I am missing so many good stories right now, but Palin humor is somewhat timeless so I’ll catch up.

I’m also working on creating a cardboard studio, because lighting and background are often a problem when I’m taking a hundred pictures for an essay. If anybody has good jpgs of typical Palin backgrounds (Lake Lucille, the studios Sarah blathers from, etc.), please pass them on to me for background shots.

Plastic Mayhem: hanky panky

Tawd just can’t stay out of the headlines. Although the character lineup for this episode is a little dated, the context is still relevant, and, I suspect, Sarah’s anger is still at the boiling point.

Plastic Mayhem: hanky panky The whole world watched as Sarah Palin left her family home while pursuing her rabid ambition. The result was family chaos. Babies born to teenage daughters, husband sleeping on the couch, Trig left with Todd and Piper and the babysitter. Sarah has once again been away from home, in an undisclosed location, while ghostwriters spew nonsense on her Facebook page and Todd takes care of the kids. Megamouth has been strangely silent, right up until th … Read More

via The Perils of Palins

The ballad of Todd and Sarah

Once again, I bring you a timely song from Lynnrockets.


(Sung to the Beatles song “The Ballad of John and Yoko”)

Standing in the airport at Juneau,
Todd sporting his new campaign-bought pants.
But then SarahPac
Said,“They’ve got to go back”,
“You look just like a homo from France.”

Christ you know it ain’t easy,
You know how hard it can be,
To play second fiddle,
To the Caribou-Barbie.

Finally flew into Indiana
Sarah giving a Pro-Life speech
Her decision rejoiced,
As to her Baby Trig choice.
Because she practiced exactly what she preached.

Christ you know it ain’t easy,
Sarah admitted as much.
She did have a choice, though
She would deny one to us.

Meanwhile in his home-state of Alaska,
The First Dude was beginning to cheat.
He had not one fear
That a massage to his rear,
Would be reported in a tabloid broad-sheet

Christ you know they’re so sleazy,
Just watch them on the TV
The whole Palin family
Lives out a life of deceit

Keeping every penny of per-diem pay,
Lying about clothes to charity,
Daughter that’s unwed,
Boyfriends in her bed.
Her chances of  election
Pretty low – Think!

Relatives all getting arrested.
Family dignity in free-fall.
Constituents claim,
“Sarah is to blame”
Not much of a role-model at all.

Christ you know it ain’t easy
You know how hard it can be.
You know where she’s going?
Into the Party of Tea.

How did we choose Sarah to begin with?
She is just a political hack.
A dumb “hockey mom”,
That can’t think and chew gum.
Why didn’t we elect “Joe Sixpack?”

Christ she makes us uneasy.
In Yiddish we say, “Oy Vey.”
We’d love to replace her
With our good friend, Tina Fey.
We’d love to replace her
With our good friend, Tina Fey.