My new Bristle will debut soon

I found a new Barbie to be Arizona Bristle. Can’t show you yet because of my computer/photo program issues. But I am pleased with my find. It looks just like Bristle would look if she lost 40 pounds, had some plastic surgery and lipo, and got herself a nice Arizona tan. Yeah, lol, but I think you will agree with my assessment when you see her. In the meantime, check out the amazing Barbie jewelry at the Margaux Lange site on my blogroll.


2 responses to “My new Bristle will debut soon

  1. KT – First choice, WD-40. Spray, let stand 20 minutes. Second Choice Goof Off or Goo Gone. Third choice? Let’s hit the yard sales!

    • I have tried dish soap, rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, toothpaste, oops, and magic eraser. He now has a blackish forehead and neck, and the marks, though faded, are still there. He is going to become my frankentodd. Also, I think I can get away with using him face down as my massagee in the sex scandal shoot. Yes, the back of his neck is a little black, but Tawd always forgets to wash the back of his neck.
      The problem with the sprays, like WD-40, is that I can’t get anything to be just on his forehead. It gets into his dyed hair and spreads the black, and I’m starting to lose one of his eyes. I went to K-Mart yesterday, hoping they would have a Ken doll. No.

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