Plastic Wasilla: Todd’s pad, phase one

Well, the splitsville blog posts forced Sarah to keep Tawd around to make the rumors go away (dang! have you SEEN Tawd?). But I figure this is a snapshot of the future. Sure, Tawd will have lots more money as part of the settlement, thus being able to afford a snazzier pad, but we all know he will probably drink the same crappy beer.

Plastic Wasilla: Todd's pad, phase one Todd's been fixing up his new place, but it is still a work in progress. He took some furniture with him when he left, and did a little shopping at Sallie's. Not quite ready for guests yet, but he's getting there. He's seriously hungry for some blondes after living with that nutcase bitch brunette for so many years. Need some pictures on the wall and some beer in the fridge. … Read More

via Walkaboutstory


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