Meet Arizona Bristle: Updated

Bristle saved so much money buying that built-to-fall-apart house in crappy Maricopa that she had enough left over for plastic surgery, lipo, a personal trainer, a personal chef, and two nannies. Yes, I know, she’s just your average teenage single mom, workin’ hard and struggling.

I am finally prettier than my mom. Still working on the postpartum baby bump.

Mom has to use a tanning bed. I just use my back yard.

What are these?

I’m a hard workin’ single mom, but I pay my nannies to do most of the mom stuff so that I can work hard on my tan and my social life.

Here are my nannies with my babies, Tripp, Trail, and TrueGrit.

Checking out the gene pool.

Go to the Rogues’ Gallery to see the newest additions.

BTW, here are a couple of photos taken near Maricopa.

About 20 miles south of Maricopa, looking in that general direction. Note the nice Phoenix smog on a sunny early January day.

Flat scrubland. Used for feedlots or cotton, or nothing in this case.

In addition to cattle, shoulder to shoulder, ankle-deep in shit, this is the primary crop in the Maricopa area. Cotton. Lots and lots of pesticides used on cotton. Big water user too. In a desert valley.


2 responses to “Meet Arizona Bristle: Updated

  1. Love the new blog, one misstatement in my opinion. Bristle isn’t checking out the gene pool, she is just slutting around as usual.

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