Critical Tawd deficit: updated

I can’t believe I am without a Tawd doll just when he hits the tabloids. What a disaster! This calls for emergency substitution. My GI Joe doll will have to become the new Tawd.  Too musclebound and craggy to be a good Tawd, but this is a damn emergency.

The Wasilla Wildman.

“Now let me massage YOU.”


4 responses to “Critical Tawd deficit: updated

  1. I’m look continually w/o success for Barbies, I hope to strike the mother lode soon.

    • Check those yard sales. My friend has over 50 Barbies now, and he got them all at yard sales and auctions. I asked him the other night if he could dig through his pile in search of another Sarah with a soft body.

  2. The new pictures are actually old pictures from my Todd Hanky Panky episode.

  3. Your blog is great! I have always been fascinated by atypical dolls/toys. I don’t know if you have heard of those, but it may help with what you are looking for in a ‘Tod’, or another character player down the road.

    Trailer Trash Dolls.

    Hope it can help. 🙂

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