Thank you, Keith

Keith Olbermann, one of my favorite mouthy liberals, has been let go by MSNBC, probably because of the Comcast merger. Fuck you, Comcast. You will regret it, but we won’t. Keith will find a stage (yes, he has kind of a big head and needs a big stage), and we will dump MSNBC like a limp potato.

Keith understood that Sarah Palin is an idiot.  Once he was convinced of that, he made a point of reiterating it as often as possible. thanks, Keith! I raise my glass to you, and I will see you in your next endeavor. As for MSNBC, Comcast, and all of the Palins, fuck them up the butt. Big middle finger, courtesy of Bristle’s trashy mouth and attitude. Stuff it, Bristle. Keith is even richer than you, not to mention waaaaaaaaay smarter.

“That woman is an idiot.”

“Have I mentioned that that woman is an idiot?”

Here’s to you, Keith. May all Palins be the fodder under your wings. Live Long and Prosper.


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