My Spudnut moment

I’ve been craving a donut ever since Sarah talked about us needing more Spudnut moments. I just caved and got one, but I salvaged enough willpower to play with my donut before eating it.

And here’s his friend.



6 responses to “My Spudnut moment

  1. OH NO, Mr Bill!

  2. I’ve never gotten over feeling like a jerk for laughing so hard at Mr. Bill. Your blog doesn’t engender that same shame for me–your take on all of this looniness is so appropriate. Snickering without guilt. You really should publish a book of your tableaus. Thanks for your creative efforts, especially welcome as a contrast to the press’ reporting every tweet and facebooking as though it’s “all hands on deck.” J-schools should be adding chapters to the texts and annals ASAP. Cheers.

  3. Laughing keeps me from banging my forehead on the desk. With the Palins, it is either laugh or bang. I try to make PlasticLand a fun place to be. As long as you aren’t a Palin, that is.

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