Please stand by…

As I mentioned when I fired up this blog, I have been in the middle of some technical difficulties that don’t allow me to produce new photo essays. The computer that had my picture editing program and all of my picture archives is in computer heaven (or hell, where it deserves to be), and my pictures have been sitting on an external drive. The new computer is finally almost here (from Alaska), already loaded with my archives and photo program. It should be up and running by next week.

The other issue has been a lack of dolls for my primary characters. I finally got two dolls to play Sarah.  One is already fixed up to be her tv interview persona. The other needs to be Sarahfied and will be the in-person Sarah. Todd is still an issue. The only place left to hunt for a suitable replacement is the dreaded mall. I’ve been everywhere else. So I will grit my teeth, pull up my suspenders, and face the mall sometime in the next week. It is a shame I am missing so many good stories right now, but Palin humor is somewhat timeless so I’ll catch up.

I’m also working on creating a cardboard studio, because lighting and background are often a problem when I’m taking a hundred pictures for an essay. If anybody has good jpgs of typical Palin backgrounds (Lake Lucille, the studios Sarah blathers from, etc.), please pass them on to me for background shots.


2 responses to “Please stand by…

  1. Palin humor is timeless, and endless.

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