Fee Speech

My version of the protest that would have occurred if Brisdull had not been disinvited to Wash. U.

Brisdull’s “message” is simplistic and expensive.

Why not a single teen mom who actually had to struggle?

Rich and famous is not a typical result of unsafe sex.

Brisdull arrives and thinks the college students are mouthy elites who can’t appreciate her heartfelt and expensive message of don’t have babies as a teenager unless you think it might make you rich. Famous babies are easier than college. And more patriotic.

The students wonder why Brisdull doesn’t care enough about her message to spread the word without a big pricetag.

Do what I say, not what I do. Thank you, that will be $17,000 please, certified check.

Brisdull spreads a message of profit, not hope or information.

Nothing typical about Brisdull’s single teen mom situation.

What has Brisdull got to offer that a local teen mom doesn’t?

I don’t get it. You people want to stop me from exercising my free speech.

I have a right to be compensated for my free speech.

My lawyer will be suing you for censoring my free speech.

You are all H8Rs.

You can go to jail with that scary monster hacker we sent to prison. Bad behavior has consequences you know.

8 responses to “Fee Speech

  1. Nicely done!

  2. Hey pissy brissy, you fu## for free so why not SPEAK for the same price??

  3. Brilliant!! I have a ton of barbies left over from mine and my daughter’s childhood–need any? I have lots of accessories as well!!! Would be happy to contribute.

  4. Please excuse my typos and horrible grammer, BTW.

  5. Too funny! Thanks

  6. ¨Don´t retreat,¨ Bristol, ¨ just let Daddy reload for you!¨

  7. dmoreno, I am always searching for certain barbies. Right now I have a Ken deficit. What kinds of accessories do you have? lol. The husband of a friend of mine caught the Barbie silliness bug and now has 50 Barbies.

  8. Bristols Message? If you have an infamous mother you can behave poorly and the tabloids will give you money. She has no valuable message. She says whatever she needs to say to make money.

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