My latest Scarah and Tawd: Updated

I’m still looking for an old painted-on-hair Ken doll to be my Tawd, because the hair style is more like Tawd’s hair, but the new ones have “real” hair.  I got another one of those, and this time I taped off his face and neck to avoid getting sharpie all over him. The hair is too straight, but right now I’m just working with what I have. The bonus with the new Tawd is that he is bendy. Bendy is good.

The new Scarah is the one a friend of mine found for me. Her hair is a little dark, and rather too fluffy (Stop fluffing, Bristle!), but I did a better job on her face, and she is bendy and little-footed for in-person scenes.

Note the overly fluffed hair.  Don’t quit your day job, Bristle. Oh yeah, what day job?

Tawd is getting a hair makeover. I wonder if they do those at the All About You Spa.

I  gave Scarah some gold highlights to help with the overly dark hair.

They are both bendy.  Note the long, bony hands on Scarah.

I did a little more work on Tawd.  Still not even close to my original Tawd. Dang!

Here’s my original Tawd.


4 responses to “My latest Scarah and Tawd: Updated

  1. The long bendy hands wasn’t what I noticed. She normally wears a lipgloss that looks like death rather than a more normal lip color. And then licks the gloss like a drug addict. Can you do drug addict?

    • Barbies don’t have tongues. I need to look for a peach-colored sharpie. She tends to wear peachier colors than I have in stock. The other problem is that Barbies tend to look rather vacuously cheerful. The vacuous part is okay, but I really have to work to get that cheerfulness toned down. Sarah can look spiteful, smug, bitchy, stupid, annoyed, stressed, angry, and disgusted, but cheerful isn’t something she does well. It tends to come off as maniacal.

  2. I was thinking you might sharpie on a tongue….you are the best, btw.

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