Pretty soon, pretty soon…Updated

My mother used to tell her dog, “Pretty soon, pretty soon” when she left the dog in the car. I’m going to borrow her phrase temporarily. I just got back to town and haven’t set up my next photo shoot. My sister is sending me a new Ken to Tawdify, and I also started Tawdifying my GI Joe. The PWF match is first on my to-do list.  I’m also thinking I’m going to have to whip out an Iron Dog episode too. Tawd may think nobody sees him do that less-than-ethical stuff during the race, but he’s never seen how many Barbies I can hide behind snowbanks.  I leave the manuscript kerfuffle to the other blogs.

Anyway…pretty soon, pretty soon!


Here are some pictures of my wrestling ring. I will be ready to shoot tomorrow, after I put new batteries in my camera.

I assemble my raw materials.

Gotta love duct tape.

The PWF logo.

Another shot of the finished ring.


7 responses to “Pretty soon, pretty soon…Updated

  1. I know that the Barbies see all and tell you all they see.

  2. As usual, the props are slowing me down. I’m just getting started on the wrestling ring. I’m being distracted by my need to make a sign for the union rally.

  3. I think I deserve a studio more than Sarah does. I want one with a green screen and good lighting. lol. Still setting up. I’m getting all the fans assembled and dressed. I digressed temporarily and made myself a new ghostwriter for Bristle’s Memoirs round 2.

  4. Let the fights begin, we’re ready to place our bets.

  5. The fights are almost ready to begin.

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