Perils: Behind the Scenes: Updated

Since I’m always lagging behind my timeline, and I’m always complaining about props and lighting, I thought I would show you how I do this.  One of my favorite shoots, “Hanky Panky,” took over two hours to shoot.  Editing takes many hours also.  Sometimes I come to a complete halt because my digital camera needs batteries. It sucks up batteries like an addict sucks substances. If this behind the scenes look interests you, stop by several times over the next couple of days to catch the updates. I am working on two shoots: the PWF shoot, and the latest installment of Bristle’s memoirs. Most of what I will show you here will be from the PWF shoot.

The wrestling ring I built.

Assembling the cast: fans, swimsuit babe, musclebound announcer dude, assorted Tawds and Scarahs.

Zombie Tawd is the one to beat.

Beach Tawd, FauxNews Scarah, FrankenTawd.

Assorted cast members.

PlasticLand costuming room.

Tricks of the trade.

Muscleman and some babes.

Tawdry Zomboni, Scarah Zomboni, Hot Toddy, Snow Whitehouse, Foxy O’News, FrankenToad, Sarah Lobotocuda.

Dressed and ready to rumble.

Logo is up. Most of the fans are dressed and ready to cheer on the mayhem.

I went back through some of my old photo shoots to find examples of how I hold up the dolls. Often I lean them against something, or sit them down. My early attempts at propping up free-standing dolls usually involved whatever stick was lying on the ground. I found some pictures that show the prop sticks. I eventually moved on to pieces of coat hanger wire. They are easier to hide and more stable. I can run one end under the clothing and hide the rest behind a leg. BTW, I can’t find my pile of wires, which is yet another detail slowing down the current shoot.

You can see the sticks in this shot.

You can see them if you are looking for them.

Sarah had been leaning against the rock, but I used a stick to bring her forward in front of Megamouth. Megamouth is propped against the rock.

A combination of sticks and rock props.

Here the coat hanger wire is visible behind his boot.

I should have used a shorter wire for this shot, and taped it to his butt. My back was getting sore from crawling around on the ground taking shots, so I let this one go.

The wire is visible in this shot.

This one has no wire showing. Extra pictures at multiple angles usually provide me with enough clean shots.


7 responses to “Perils: Behind the Scenes: Updated

  1. Bam, whiff, zowie!

  2. I knowI’m going to come across the mother lode of Barbie stuff. Pretty soon, pretty soon.

  3. I *knew* she had a stick up her butt!

  4. So close now. It sure would be great to have a set designer, prop person, wardrobe person, etc. Oh yeah, that’s me.

  5. I’m just about finished with sponsor advertising signs and the signs for the different matches. I almost forgot the sponsors, but my friend reminded me. Everything is looking good for tomorrow’s shoot as soon as the lighting in the studio is optimal.

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