Plastic Mayhem: PWF Battle of the Century, Men’s Round

Defending men’s champ, Tawdry Zomboni, is known for his vicious and wiley ways.  To even out the match, Zomboni will take on TWO, yes TWO challengers. Here to challenge the cold breeze from hell that is Zomboni, are Hot Toddy and Frankentoad!

Oooh….gorgeous redhead Sign Babe.

MuscleMan riles up the crowd.

Two against one in this epic match!

The crowd roars with approval!

Our first contestant is the always hunky Hot Toddy!!

Every massage therapist in Alaska knows Hot Toddy! Intimately!

The crowd goes wild! Women throw their bras! The hunky dude in the back throws his thong.

And fresh from Dead Lake Labs, heerrre’ssss Frankentoad!!

“Aaarrgghh! Mmmmmfftt!”

And the crowd goes wild!

And the Iron Dog himself, Champ Tawdry Zomboni!!!!!


Will the Champ get his brains???????? The crowd roars!!!! Brains! Brains!!
The battle begins!!

Tawdry is hit from both sides!

The crowd goes wild!

Each warrior battles for a hold!

Tawdry has Hot Toddy in a crotch hold!

Frankentoad tries to stop him!

The crowd roars!

Frankentoad struggles to shove Tawdry off balance!

Tawdry flings Hot Toddy to  the mat but maintains his balance!

The crowd goes wild as Frankentoad attempts to subdue Tawdry!

Tawdry fights back!

Frankentoad is down!

Tawdry leans in for the kill as Hot Toddy regains his footing!

Tawdry makes the killing lunge!

The fatal strike!

“Oh gross! You taste like transmission fluid!”

“Dirty transmission fluid!”

Tawdry flings bad-tasting Toad aside and turns to face Hot Toddy.

Back to the lab with this guy.

Tawdry reaches for Toddy!

Blood lust fills his loins!

Hot Toddy is down again!

His strength is ebbing!

Tawdy hoists him overhead to deliver the death blow as the crowd goes insane!
“Nobody horns in on my action, DUDE!”

Tawdry flings Toddy to the mat!

The crowd is peeing its pants!

I am the Great Zomboni!

Death blow! Where did he get that metal rod?

The crowd weeps with excitement!

Death rattle.

Hey Bitch!! I’m waiting for you!


2 responses to “Plastic Mayhem: PWF Battle of the Century, Men’s Round

  1. OMG! I love the sponsor signs!
    You are too funny — I know that had to be a lot of work. I don’t even want to know what that blood was, though.

  2. Just a quick “attaboy” will have to do for now, as am involved w/ several large projects of my own. Your humor is greatly appreciated. It’s a good reminder to us to step back from our dramas and just play.

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