Plastic Mayhem: PWF Battle of the Century, Round 2

And we’re back after a brief intermission! In the last round, Sarah If-I-Only-Had-A-Brain Lobotocuda fell afoul of the vicious and unstoppable Scarah Zomboni. The winner of the next round will advance to the women’s final round and square off against Scarah Zomboni.

MuscleMan and Sign Babe are back for Round 2.

Newcomer Snow Whitehouse will take on Fox wrestling analyst, Foxy O’News.


The crowd cheers as Snow is introduced.

“Give our newcomer a big round of applause!”

This young lady has her eyes on the prize.

The crowd cheers.

“And welcome back our very own Foxy O’News, straight from winning her last verbal wrestling match with Billo!”

“Foxy! Foxy!” The crowd cheers!

Snow looks for weakness as Foxy accepts the crowd’s homage.

And the battle begins!!

Foxy has a height advantage but Snow is stomping on her feet.

OH! Foxy has Snow off-balance!!

She presses her advantage.

Snow is down and on the ropes!

The crowd gasps as Foxy reaches to finish off Snow.

Foxy puts a choke hold on Snow!

Snow struggles but can’t break free!

The crowd roars as Snow’s eyes bug out!

Snow is gone! She’s gone!

And the crowd goes wild!!

“I will NOT sit down and shut up!!”

“Bring it on, Zomboni!!”


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