This is why I always need more dolls and clothes

Some photo shoots take a toll on my dolls and their clothes. I’m really hoping I can get the blood out of the beige skirt. Sarah Lobotocuda has lost her head more than once, so I’m not really worried about her. I’ve been asked if any of these dolls will return. My two newest Sarahs will return in their regular roles, because it is too damn hard to find replacements. The Zombonis will be put away for Halloween. The two other Tawds will most likely turn up as extras in future posts. The Babysitter is a regular extra. She will return in a variety of roles. And True Grit is my favorite baby. It’s not like the Palin women are going to stop breeding anytime soon.

So, what’s next? Well, I’ve got Bristle’s new ghostwriter waiting in the wings, so expect another round of Bristle’s Memoir soon. I’m mulling other ideas, such as a square-off between Sarah and Kathy Griffin.  The 47-year-old half-been against the 50-year-old “has-been” comedienne.  My redhead Barbie (my personal favorite) can be Kathy, and of course kick Sarah’s butt. But I will not abuse my redhead, so it may just be a battle of wits (yes, I know, witless Sarah doesn’t have a clue or a chance).

Anyway, see the battered Barbies below.


4 responses to “This is why I always need more dolls and clothes

  1. The oxyclean is working great! It is even gradually taking off the zombie white, with major scrubbing and soaking. Even without their zombie white, the Zombonis will still have dark circles around their eyes, and discolored skin where zombie blood stayed too long. But hey, this year has so far been a little rough on our delightful couple. Maybe this is how they look right now without their makeup.

  2. Damn it! I just washed one of the black boots down my laundry drain. I forgot the boots were in the tub when I dumped it.

  3. I’m more worried about the drain. lol. I do have another pair of black boots.

  4. I threw the clothes in a batch of laundry after the oxyclean. They came out sparkling clean.

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