Look what my sister sent me: Updated yet again!

First she tried to find the perfect Ken, and when she got that, she then turned to batches of Barbies. This BatchOBarbies is very blonde, with some short people, and one dorky Ken with a five o’clock shadow. I’m thinking with all of the blondes I now have, I should do a Fox News Female Anchor School. Megyn can teach the students how to be an ignorant bitch, and Gretchen can teach the students how to act really stupid when you aren’t. And of course we know there is the lobotomy room, because, really, just how stupid can these people be with an intact brain? They MUST be missing some of it.

And hey, I’m thinking that the vaguely bearded guy would make a good Joe Miller.

Update: My sister sent me another Ken doll and another box of Barbies. Great selection, and a bunch of great clothes.

And yes, those are babies and children. Just what we need for the ever-growing Palin family.

And this guy is just too special for words.

“Hi….I’m hip.”

His shoes match his outfit. That’s scary.

And check out the redhead.

I guess I’m going to have to poll my vistors to decide which of my redheads should play Kathy Griffin. Stay tuned for a comparison post.

This is an unusual Barbie.

The outfit caught my sister’s eye because it is somewhat reminiscent of Sarah’s purple fuzzy thing. Also, if you combine Sarah’s red kimono Indian blouse with her purple thingy and that reddish fuzzy bathrobey thing she wore on her first book tour, you get the feel of this outfit.

3 responses to “Look what my sister sent me: Updated yet again!

  1. I can’t wait, more entertainment for your viewing public.

  2. Okay, this is starting to really creep me out….

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