Postcard from Israel

Hi Becky! Havin’ a great time, wish U were here! Here I am at the western wall.  Dinner tonite with the big guy. They’ll probably serve flippin’ falafel. Can you email Piper and make sure she cleaned the house and the studio? Thanks a bunch,  also too.



7 responses to “Postcard from Israel

  1. Thanks, as usual you leave me laughing.

  2. First time here…love this place, love the Barbies. It’s bookmarked and links sent to friends.

    You need to find a way to fix the Palin Barbie eyes so one is just enough off center to match Palin’s. As lovely and as spot on as your re-creations are, the bozo eye would make it perfect.

    • I have actually used a sharpie to adjust her eye on two of my sarah dolls, but it is very subtle and hard to pick up except in close ups. Since you can’t erase a face and redo it, all has to be done over the top of what is already there. Glad you enjoy the site. I think of it as creative sanity to deal with the insanity that is Sarah Palin. If she won’t sit down and shut up, then neither will I.

      • Yeah, on something that small, it would be really hard to pickup. It is fun to think about though. I think when I find some spare time, I might experiment with clear labels. I could create a graphic eye to paste over the painted on one. One of those things to do when sleep doesn’t come easily. I will let you know how it goes. It might be really fun on the Bratz eyes.

        • I often push the limits on doll alteration, which is why I need a supply of replacements. Unfortunately, I’m not a craftsperson with good tools and a delicate touch. I’m a hack with a handful of sharpies, a pair of scissors, glue, hanger wire, and duct tape. lol

        • I just posted a couple of close-up Israel Sarahs in the Rogues’ Gallery. I think the key to making her look more cross-eyed is to move the white eye-dot closer to her nose. I’ve been a little too busy with new arrivals to do an analysis of my current Sarahs. Time to scrutinize my inventory.

  3. I noticed the eye…! I thought it was ‘flippin’ brilliant..! Love it and the commentary… Thank you!

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