Out of many comes one: Updated

My sister the shopper has been burying me in Barbies and Kens. I am now brainstorming crowd scenes in order to utilize the small plastic army I have gathered. Feeling a little overwhelmed and Gulliverish because I am now quite outnumbered by my own minions. But, in the midst of blondes and ballerinas, I found a gem. Yes, folks, I found RAM. I had just been in the process of trying to create a RAM out of materials around my house, with dubious results, when yet another box of dolls arrived from my sister’s shopping spree. It was a dozen Kens. Most of them average guys who can serve as extras or be converted to another Tawd doll. But amongst the crowd there was a loner, a gladiator, with a face only a mother could love. There was RAM staring up at me.

And now I’m going to torture you by not posting a picture yet.  I will start the conversion process today, after taking some “before” pictures, and then update this post later or tomorrow.




7 responses to “Out of many comes one: Updated

  1. Hey I need pictures!

  2. Your sister said too many blonds…one at least has to be made into Cindy McCain and another into Meghan McCain.

  3. Virginia Voter

    That is fantastic!

  4. Made me laugh!

  5. Well done! Carry on.

  6. Okay. Before picture. What is it? Male? Female? This is one of the strangest dolls I’ve ever seen!

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