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Road work ahead: expect delays

Aside from the fact that I’m fighting a nasty cold, which leaves me no energy to take pictures, I can’t even GET to my barbie shelves now, because there are too many piles of dolls and clothes and accessories piled in front of the shelves. I am buried! I’m having to buy those plastic storage drawers to keep things in, plus filling binders with barbie clothes (cool storage technique the purchasing dept. found on the Internet. I’ll take a picture eventually). I’m getting more bins for the dolls, since it is an easy way to sort them according to gender and hair color. And I am leaving town in less than a week for a 10 day vacation in Oregon. Yes, I am taking my dolls and probably most of the other stuff, because I will have time for some picture taking while I am vacationing.
The timing for a barbie break isn’t TOO bad, because I’ve pre-ordered the Dunn and Bailey books to mine them for stories. They don’t arrive until later in May, right about when a bunch of distractions go away. In the meantime, I’m hoping the purchasing dept. will post pictures from her behind-the-scenes beheading and reheading experiences.



To see some of this man’s amazing work, go to

Too big for our Barbie britches

Everybody please welcome a new addition to my Perils family. My sister, the famous EBay shopper, has joined me in this endeavor. Apparently sending me more dolls, clothes, and props wasn’t enough for sis.  She took it upon herself to learn some new barbie skills between EBay orders. Given the usefulness of her new skills, plus my inability to stop her from shopping (I got 4 boxes this week), I have invited shopping sis to join my team.  She will be posting her own PlasticLand experiences, including the ever-popular Behind the Scenes, which will relieve some of my posting pressure when I am buried in prop construction. Welcome Shopping Sis! Long live PlasticLand and Perils!

What a Friend We Have in Cheeses

The good people of Wisconsin have been making us proud the last couple of months, standing up for worker rights that are the foundation values of our great country. They have persevered in the face of deceit, illegal legislation, Koch Brothers manipulations, the sleaziest governor in the Midwest, bad weather, election setbacks, biased media coverage, outright lies by Faux News, layoff notices, and all sorts of assholery, skullduggery, and eyerollery. They have stood tall and strong, no matter what has been thrown at them.

Then the TeaBag Koch Party decides to roll out their usual pathetic Tax Day rally, but they decide to pay for their “heavy hitters” to come to town. Can you say BACKFIRE? Bringing the Whore of BabbleOn and BrightButt to town seemed like a great idea when they talked it over amongst themselves. But then they always underestimate the opposition. Boy did they ever.

Koch Whore Paylin rolled into town thinking she was going to wow the crowds and maybe even declare her candidacy for President.  She never got the chance. Her tiny group of bussed-in racists were overwhelmingly outnumbered by the actual citizens of Wisconsin. Surrounded and drowned out by pro-Wisconsin patriots, all Miss QuittyPants could do was screech.

“Screech! Squawk! Patriots! Screech!”

“Screech Babble thugs screech!!”

Koch Tool Company.


The citizens of Wisconsin turn their backs on the Whore of BabbleOn.

“We can’t HEAR you, Liar!”

Sarah tries to screech over the noise of the protesters.

“Squawk! Reload! Screech! Patriots! BlahBlahSquawkleScreech!”


“We are the World! We are the Workers! We are the ones who make the world a better place!”

“Squawk! Libruls! Limp Dicks! Screech!”


“What is that godawful caterwauling behind us?”

OMG! Some CheeseHead Patriots climbed on the roof of the Capitol Building with a vat of melted cheddar!

Nailed the bitch!

“Aaaaack! Gaaaaack! My hair! Screech! Save me!”

Score one for the CheeseHead Patriots!

Keep it coming!

“Help help squawk squawk!”

“gurgle mmftt!”


“Woohoo! CheeseHeads Unite!”

And the citizens of Wisconsin rejoice!


“I hate you all!”

More cheese on the tools too.

“Go cheese go! Go cheese go!”

Much rejoicing!

Plant the flag! This is OUR state, bitch!”

The tools run for their lives.

The citizens rush the stage!

“Get her! Give us liberty and cheese!”

Stampede to the stage!

They push over the podium!

Down goes the wicked witch!

Smashed cheese sandwich!

And the citizens rejoice again!

The Queen of Screech is melting!

“I’m melting!”

The citizens leave her to gasp her last cheesy breath. The city workers who were supposed to clean up after the rally went home because they got layoff notices that morning from the Governor.

Wicked Witch takes one last cheddaring breath.

One small step for Workerkind. One giant leap for the great Quesadilla in the sky.

What a friend we have in cheeses.

Cathy’s House

Plastic Panic Attack

No comment needed.

Too busy and too many dolls

I’ve actually been too busy to post this week, and the dolls keep coming in the mail. I think I’m on the verge of a plastic panic attack. I can’t get my creativity going because I’ve got too many damn dolls staring at me. But thanks to that famous stupidity we have come to count on from Sarah, I had a minor breakthrough yesterday. Please stay tuned for a new post in the next couple of days.  Sarah Goes to Madison.