musings about my future doll plans

I would love to be able to produce a photo essay every couple of days, but it actually involves a lot of thought and work.  Since my sister sent me so many dolls recently, I’ve actually been having a harder time, because I have too many choices and too many piles to go through. My sister and I talked about my future organization plans, with bins for clothes (one for jackets, one for pants, one for Ken clothes, etc), and, of all things, she is sending me a larger computer monitor because I often put up a backdrop on the computer and put the dolls in front of it. Those are my favorite photo shoots because they generally require minimal props and no crawling around on the floor. Sis finally tracked down a couple of high res shots of Lake Lucille too, because I couldn’t find a good one and have been doing all of my Sarah Fox interviews in front of my downloaded picture of a fireplace.

I do have some stories I’m working on, but if the scenes and captions don’t start popping into my head, then I have to let those stories fester a little.  My RAM stories are festering, because she is a shadowy figure, known mostly through her words and a very unflattering photo. The story I tell has to capture her essence, yet still be funny and not turn her into a sympathetic character. That is harder than it seems.

Also, because PlasticLand is dear to my heart, possibly my alternate universe, I am also working on some ideas for non-Palin PlasticLand shoots. Those will tend to appear when I’ve got festering, unfinished Palin stories cooking but not done.

One of my biggest possible sources of new stories is Geoffrey Dunn’s new book coming out next month. He revisits much of Sarah’s past and her Alaska record, so expect some walks down memory lane, with such topics as Troopergate and Dairygate. By the time I get done dealing with those, we should know whether Sarah is going to launch a fake run for the presidency. And, of course, we have Bristle’s “memoir” coming out in a couple of months.

And a final note about about an upcoming technical issue that may slow down my May posts. I will be away from my regular computer and photo editing program for two weeks in early/mid May. That will mean I can’t process my pictures or use my computer screen for a backdrop. But never fear, I plan to do several photo shoots during that period and will just engage in some marathon editing when I get home. That will likely result in some pretty steady posting in late May. And what happens then? Yup. The famous emails will finally be released. Who knows what I can glean from those in terms of photo essays, but there is bound to be something good. So stay tuned and keep the faith. Laughter will be what brings Sarah down.



3 responses to “musings about my future doll plans

  1. Can’t wait…thanks for the heads up…

  2. That’s quite the awesome cabinet. Gonna need a bigger house.

  3. Sometime more is just more confusing. Nonetheless, I look forward to your creative take on the stories that are soon to break.

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