PlasticLand Moments: Barbies in the yard

Not quite the same as gorillas in the mist, but hey, they went out to check on spring.

This basket contains the dolls I selected for a photo shoot I’m getting ready to do.

These ladies will not be joining that photo shoot.

Neither will these guys.

These will have future jobs, but for now they are just enjoying the flowers.

Not everybody got to go outside. I left a bunch of princesses, princes, ballerinas, and assorted others back on the storage shelf because they are wearing clothes that I don’t want to get dirty in the yard. Besides, they won’t fit in the bins. The Palins are in storage too. This is just PlasticLand fun.


Hey guys.

I expect all of you on the set when weather conditions improve.


7 responses to “PlasticLand Moments: Barbies in the yard

  1. We gotta get these people some clothes…way too cold for nudie-fest

    • The ones who are slated for the next shoot will have clothes, but at this point I have more dolls than clothes. The nudies were stripped because every stitch of their clothing was needed for others. The unemployed ones have to earn clothes.

  2. My front yard gets a lot of compliments, but those will pale in comparison to the astonishment when I set up my next photo shoot. Hoping I don’t cause a traffic accident.

    • I’m looking forward to it with that set up!

      The photo shoot, not car accidents! šŸ˜‰

      • I’m getting ready to sit down and put clothes on all of the participants. I just mowed the lawn for a nice spiffy palate upon which to place my minions. Hoping the weather holds for a few hours. Not sure I have enough coat hanger pieces to prop up all my people. I might have to dig through closets. Anyway, off to wardrobe!

        • I’m watching the weather. If the wind gets any more gusty I will probably have to wait until Tuesday. We have a little storm rolling in and it seems to be moving faster than the weather guys predicted. But I continue to dress the cast, so that they will be all ready for Tuesday.

  3. Wonderful! A diorama that defies all expectation!

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