PlasticLand wedding

I originally posted these pictures on my other blog as a protest against California’s Proposition 8.  Given the full frontal assault by the Rethugs, concerning ANYBODY not like them, I am reposting to show my support for gay marriage and biracial marriage. Long live love! Fuck the Repugs!


4 responses to “PlasticLand wedding

  1. I like the post someone made on Cynthia’s page: “Hey Mister Republican…if you cut off my access to reproductive freedom, I’m gonna’ cut off yours…”

  2. how wonderful. utterly delightful.
    miss you on the flats.

  3. Good one, CK. That can be taken multiple ways, ranging from not even first base to Bobbittating. And toss in passing a law to severely limit access to Viagra. That one would affect the most Rethug legislators, old horny fucks.

  4. Don’t the male rethugs get it? If god has taken away your ability to “raise the flag” then you are supposed to respect his wishes. Viagra is anti God. Yes very ungodly behavior.

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