Troll alert!

Throughout my various episodes of the never-ending Palin saga, one group has been conspicuously missing:  the PalinBot trolls who spend all their time making fools of themselves over at Gryphen’s place and other anti-Palin blogs.  Not anymore! I was talking about trolls with my shopping sis, and what did it get me?  Come on, guess!  Did you say trolls? Yes!  The trolls have arrived at my blog!  They will be put to work shortly, emulating their real-life versions, spewing lies, fake concern, bad grammar, and general lack of charm. Meet the trolls!

Perils Cat checks out the new arrivals.

Perils Cat informs the little shits that she will bite their fuzzy heads off if they don’t do exactly as I tell them.

Perils Cat turns the trolls over to me after educating them on PlasticLand etiquette.


3 responses to “Troll alert!

  1. Love the expression on Perils Cat’s face! My Basement Cat approves!

  2. Cat looks like he/she means business and is enjoying making trolls lives miserable

  3. I think you are having way too much fun for one person, I am jealous. I would love to play with Barbies all day long. What a hoot! Keep up the wonderful work. I think you need to do a coffee table pictorial–you would make millions.

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