Plastic Panic Attack

No comment needed.


7 responses to “Plastic Panic Attack

  1. Ah, I see……

  2. I had that shelf specially built for my laundry stuff. The laundry stuff stays. I already moved all of my food.

  3. fedupwithhypocrisy

    I can understand the panic, so take a break if needed, but don’t give up! This is great therapy for those of us whose psyches have been damaged by that woman–Palin–not Barbie, ha.

    Check out the review at Wired, on Raw File, of Marwencol, documentary on a Navy guy beaten for cross dressing, and the doll world he created as therapy–fantastic.

  4. This is a very stressful time of year for me. Trying to be mellow, getting a little un-mellow.

  5. I don’t have barbies, I have pigs, rocks, toys, books, Food, etc. etc. mirrors, electric lamps, oil lamps, oak dressers and the list goes on. The universe recognizes people who are keepers of things and keeps sending more.

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