Too big for our Barbie britches

Everybody please welcome a new addition to my Perils family. My sister, the famous EBay shopper, has joined me in this endeavor. Apparently sending me more dolls, clothes, and props wasn’t enough for sis.  She took it upon herself to learn some new barbie skills between EBay orders. Given the usefulness of her new skills, plus my inability to stop her from shopping (I got 4 boxes this week), I have invited shopping sis to join my team.  She will be posting her own PlasticLand experiences, including the ever-popular Behind the Scenes, which will relieve some of my posting pressure when I am buried in prop construction. Welcome Shopping Sis! Long live PlasticLand and Perils!

2 responses to “Too big for our Barbie britches

  1. Long live PlasticLand and Perils of Palins! Yay sis! The fool family will surely provide a lifetime of funny fodder.

    Sarah’s the Bernie Madoff of politics, ie the pathological liar extraordinaire.

  2. Okay, even though this is one of the weirder hobbies sisters might share, I can’t wait for my morning barbie check to see what the barbies have been up to . Now the fun is doubled. YeeHaw!

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