Road work ahead: expect delays

Aside from the fact that I’m fighting a nasty cold, which leaves me no energy to take pictures, I can’t even GET to my barbie shelves now, because there are too many piles of dolls and clothes and accessories piled in front of the shelves. I am buried! I’m having to buy those plastic storage drawers to keep things in, plus filling binders with barbie clothes (cool storage technique the purchasing dept. found on the Internet. I’ll take a picture eventually). I’m getting more bins for the dolls, since it is an easy way to sort them according to gender and hair color. And I am leaving town in less than a week for a 10 day vacation in Oregon. Yes, I am taking my dolls and probably most of the other stuff, because I will have time for some picture taking while I am vacationing.
The timing for a barbie break isn’t TOO bad, because I’ve pre-ordered the Dunn and Bailey books to mine them for stories. They don’t arrive until later in May, right about when a bunch of distractions go away. In the meantime, I’m hoping the purchasing dept. will post pictures from her behind-the-scenes beheading and reheading experiences.


One response to “Road work ahead: expect delays

  1. Hmm, that photo looks like SP in handcuffs…a nice look if I do say so.

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