A garden gathering

I needed to get the dolls out to sort them and pack them for my trip, so I took advantage of our lovely sunny day. I can’t guarantee I didn’t overlook part of the gang for this picture. The Bratz aren’t in the picture, except for Conehead Sarah, but this is what I believe to be all of the dolls other than the Bratz. Not counting superheros, KO action figure, the horse, and the dog, I think there are 110.

Say cheese!



Bristle and her babies.


Assorted Palins, plus Hannity on a stick.

heads up!

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

Wait…what? Sarah in an orange jumpsuit?

I know it’s just a fantasy at the moment, but we can dream, can’t we?

When I heard the screech of tires I knew I had hooked  somebody passing by. This guy and his mom got out to have a look. Mom took pictures of son in front of dolls. They had a good laugh. Love to entertain the neighbors.


12 responses to “A garden gathering

  1. lmao!!! RAM is just perfect.

  2. This is the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  3. The orange jump suit is my favorite. I’m going to a thrift store, buying one and going to use the head under a potted tree. Legs will be sticking out and I’ll think of you every time I see it when I leave and come home. Like a voodoo doll. So sick of this f’ed up family in the media. My own little rebellion to our lame press for not holding them accountable.

  4. Wait, wait…where’s Sigmund??

  5. too cute. love the Palin in the orange prison suit. she looks very chic. LOL.

  6. SO pleased to see $P in the orange jumpsuit! Can’t wait for the reality (and I don’t mean TV). Btw, I *did* see a Bratz!

  7. How about a new Bristol with her plastic surgeon doll pair? Or Bristol and Jay Leno doll comparing chins.?

  8. How are you going to portray Bristol now that she’s had all that plastic surgery :).

    • When I got my new Bristle, I posted that she had had some plastic surgery, which is why she looks so plastic. I’m going to use actor’s putty to augment her chin and lips.

  9. Love your site, wwsc. It is evolving wonderfully. Thank you for the best laughs.

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