That Bristle: sneak preview

Diapers, Play-dates, Grifting,

That Bristle

Chest-thrusts, Candies, Lipo…

Is That Bristle

She’s Heavy on her feet

She’s everything a sow’s ear should be!

Babies, Black guys, drama,

That Bristle

Taupe shoes, Chin implants, Cheesecake,

Is That Bristle…

Update: These photos are to keep you happy while I work on my set for the reality show.  Creating an entire set takes me a while. I have to mull and experiment while I gather materials. I’m hoping to pull it all together in the next couple of days.


5 responses to “That Bristle: sneak preview

  1. Needs “moar” fat belly with outie! Love the chin implant!

    • lol. I thickened her waist, but the clothes won’t fit if I fatten her up too much. Barbies don’t have “fat” wardrobes.

      • Sweetie, did you think Bristol fit in the clothes she was traipsing around in LA? I know Barbies don’t have fat clothes, but I think you might have to stuff as much as you can to do a proper job. LOL!

  2. VirginiaVoter

    Excellent! But I agree with nswfm…Bristol always look like she’s in a state of perpetual incubation. You rock!

    You need to make a Track hillbilly wedding photo next. You know, dress everyone up in jeans, polar fleece and corsages…add the shotguns for dramatic effect.

    Good times at this blog, fo’ sho.

  3. Looking at this cracks me up every time.

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