That Bristle: another teaser: Update

Just so you know that I’m working hard on the set instead of weeding my garden (which is what I should be doing), here is another teaser. The set is almost complete.  An alternate view set that I need for the photo shoot isn’t started yet, but I know how I will construct it. The main set just needs a few more details.


3 responses to “That Bristle: another teaser: Update

  1. Virginia Voter

    Perfect….the new Bristle faux reality show. I think you’re missing a brother.

    You need to put in some paparazzi from Bristles fave tabloids…ya know, US Weekly, People, In Touch…

  2. I just try to think about what the kid would be doing when the adults are talking. I think he’s going for the soda on the other side of the table.

  3. Plastic Mayhem! Needs “moar” cats! I think the kid is going to spill the soda while the self absorbed mother worrys about her fat neck, receding chin, outie belly button and interfering grandma/LuLu Looney Mom. Well done!

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