That Bristle: Before the cameras arrive

Before the camera crew descends on the “house” to film the first episode of Bristle’s made-up life,  Bristle has a few loose ends to wrap up.

Oh, hey, Chris, sweetie! Glad you’re here early. Kyle is running late and, um, I’ve got a itsy bitsy favor to ask, um, you, pretty please?

Yeah, hey, Bristle! I’m not s’posed to be on camera til later, babe, so whatcha need?

Well, um, I kinda gave my nannies the day off to go to the grand opening of my L.A. All About Me spa, and, um, I kinda need somebody to drop the other kids off at the temporary day care I got. You can use my SUV.

Kyle said you have a couple of kids besides Trippers. I s’pose I can drop em off.

You’re a total dear! I, um, still need to get Dippy Trippy dressed, and, um, it’s hard work. After today, the other kids and one of the nannies will be heading back to Arizona. My sister Willow is in trouble again so she’s gonna stay in Maricopa for a while and babysit.

The other kids are in the playroom.

Through that door.

Okay, no prob, Bris. On my way.

Stop spilling the juice, little Hippo Trippo.

I’ll catch ya later!

K, thanks a bunch, Chris sweetie.

Dark in the playroom.



Jeezuz on a cracker!

I thought you just had a couple of kids.

Well, um, I think I said a few.

That’s a frickin’ passel!

Well Tripper Nipper is the only one in the show contract, so, um, get those kids in the car.

They will wreck the set.

Okay, okay!

The big ones can help the little ones dress in the car.


Come on, kids.

Git along little doggies.

butts in gear.

Hurry, shoo! Go with Uncle Chris.

Clothes in the back seat of the SUV.


Now, to practice my smile.

I’m so Bristle!

Okay, Poopy Troopy, let’s get ready for the cameras.

Stop looking like Levi. You know it bugs me.

First I’ll put my feet up.

Nipper Tripper, we’re gonna be rich and famous.

Stop biting my chin.


2 responses to “That Bristle: Before the cameras arrive

  1. Quit biting my chin! LOVE IT! Closet full of kids! Probably truer than we know.

  2. I haven’t checked in here for awhile. I’m so glad you’re back. These are really funny. Thanks!

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