That Bristle: Too boring for reality TV?

Having finished the filming of Bristle’s move to the LA “house,” the camera people have the cast members do some filler shots and filler dialogue while waiting for the director to arrive on the set.

Bristle practices looking hip and savvy.

Cameraman #1: Bristle, say something to the guys.

Kyle: Yo Bristle, I’m glad to see you got moved in.

Chris: Now we can get to working on the charity.

Bristle: Um…yeah, all moved in, me and Zippy Trippy.

Bristle: Uh…you, um, guys ready to get to work?

Bristle: I’m, um, looking forward, here, to doing the charity stuff.

Cameraman #2: Keep talking everybody.

Chris: We’re tryin’ man.

Chris: My girlfriend Tanya will be here soon. We are going to go pick up the keys to the new charity office.

Kyle: Great. I think the office furniture delivery is set up for tomorrow. Gotta check on that.

Kyle: I’m jazzed about this.

Cameraman #1: Bristle, join in and tell us how you feel.

Bristle: Um…I’m excited too.

Cameraman #1: Bristle, do you think you could expand on that a bit?

Bristle: Uh, okay…um, I’m gonna work hard at the charity thing, and, um… do lots of stuff for the community and, um…me and they guys are gonna laugh.

Kyle: Good times, roomies, good times.

Cameraman #2: Velcro kid.

Bristle: Tripper Nipper, go see Uncle Chris.

Bristle: awww, Troupin’ Trippy wuvs his uncle.

Bristle: Hey there little Spiffy Trippy, go see Uncle Kyle now.

Kyle: The little guy likes my bro the best. I’ll bet Chris is giving him candy.

Chris: Hey now…I only did that once. I hear the director in the entryway.

Director: Okay people, I need you to continue interacting so I can see how you work together.

Director: Bristle, you really need to step out of yourself and at least try to shine.  I’m afraid the moving footage is as dull as it comes. We’ve got to pump some life into this concept.

Bristle: Um… I’m doing the best I can. You don’t have to be so mean.

Bristle: I, uh, am really thrilled and excited about the project.

Director: *sigh*

Chris: Hey everybody! This is my girlfriend Tanya.

Tanya: Hi everybody! Nice to meet you!

Bristle: Hi Tanya.

Tanya: Chris and I are heading out to get the keys to the new office. Is that exciting or what?

Bristle: Um…very exciting. And thrilling.

Chris and Tanya: Bye everybody! Later!

Bristle and Kyle: Bye! Later!

Director: *sigh*

Director: Okay, you guys, we have a real problem with the show. I’ve been talking to my producers about the lack of energy in the filming so far. You guys really need to step it up and put yourselves out there.  The charity office itself isn’t the biggest goldmine for filming opportunities, so we’ve really got to work with this living situation. I don’t suppose you two are starting a relationship? That would be useful.

Kyle: No, we’re just friends. I guess we don’t have much in common. I was kind of hoping the charity would be the spark. I’m pretty worked up about doing it.

Bristle: Um…me too. I mean, um, it’ll be a blast. Me and Kyle. And Chris. And Hip Tripp. Yeah, um, it’ll be exciting.

Director: *sigh*


5 responses to “That Bristle: Too boring for reality TV?

  1. Outstanding!

  2. You’re so clever and imaginative. LOL. Hilarious.

  3. VirginiaVoter

    Oh. My. God. That is pretty much how its gonna go anyway. Bristle’s about as interesting as a brick. They should rename the show “Watching Grass Grow”

  4. lol. That comment sent me into a fit of giggles here at 4:30 am while working on my paul revere hat.

  5. Who would watch this show?

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