Behind the scenes at Perils: Bubble wrap and masking tape: Update

While the purchasing department handles furniture, clothing, and accessories, I generally have to do my own body modifications. I use everything from actor’s putty and sharpies to bubble wrap and masking tape. Masking tape is my primary tape.  It has a variety of uses.  I have recently figured out several uses for bubble wrap. I still haven’t tried using it as a bumpit, as my sister suggested, but I will. The photos below show the usefulness of bubble wrap and masking tape.

These are the dolls I used for Bristle’s book signing.

Notice how the bubble wrap gives a very natural preggers belly.

A lot more realistic than a square couch pillow.

Depending on how I tape it, the bubble wrap can be rounder or flatter.

The mystery of Sarah’s incredible shrinking and swelling breasts is explained! Bubble wrap!

It gives a natural swell, just like a water bra.

I needed a way to make her boobs bigger without increasing her general body size. After all, it’s her anorexic body combined with the Wonderbra that makes old men drool.

I am forever trying to round out Bristle, because Barbies more accurately reflect mom’s obsessive thinness, not Bristle’s 20-something plumpness. The downside is that it reduces her wardrobe choices significantly.

I made RAM out of a weird gladiator Ken doll. I had to fatten her up, give her some boobs, and eliminate the 6-pack abs.

I can’t really capture that full-bodied look that Bristle has, so it is mostly a matter of removing the excess slimness and  giving her a bit of a belly, which she tends to have. RAM needed some toilet paper to round her out.

Perils Cat was helping.

I’ve had to account for those little back chipmunk cheeks Bristle is starting to show, behind her main lipo area and chin implant.

Perhaps Perils Cat is pointing out that I never gave RAM a complete sex change. If you can call that plastic bulge a sex organ.


5 responses to “Behind the scenes at Perils: Bubble wrap and masking tape: Update

  1. If only Sarah knew about bubble wrap when she was “pregnant with Trig”.

  2. I just gave a baby gift today for someone whose baby is one month away. She knows there is NFW that Grifter Granny of the Fake Belly and Boobs was pregnant with Tri-G. Those old guys can drool over the Fake and Boob Grandmother all they want–I’m hoping they find her attractive in prison garb.

  3. You’re a diabolical genius…I like that in a person!

  4. Wow! So a little well-placed bubble wrap can make my 57-year-old-boobs look like they did when I was 15. Thanks for the hot tip.

  5. prochoicegrandma

    Oh! How did I ever miss this post!

    Great job portraying Bristol’s chin, and the silly putty for Rebecca Mansour’s nose was perfect! Any chance you can give the RAM doll a perm?

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