Paul Revere and the Bus

What if, instead of Paul Revere warning the colonists about the British, he instead was warning us about the Palin Bus? This modern version could play out in different ways. Below are alternate scenarios for Paul Revere and the Bus.

The Bus is coming! The Bus is coming!

Paul was a big man.

Not big enough.

Another one bites the dust.

The Palin Bus doesn’t stop for mere history.

The wheels on the bus go round and round.

Just a speed bump.

Follow the Bus at

Sigh. Paul Revere reduced to a historical “foot”note.


Well that was depressing.  I have a better idea.

The Bus is coming! The Bus is coming!

Die Hard!!

Paul wrestles the Bus as it careens down the road!

The Bus driver swerves madly in a failed attempt to throw Paul off the Bus!

Paul doesn’t lose his grip! The Bus is out of control!

Crash! Paul leaps clear and the Bus skids to a stop!


One Nation for ALL of us! Not just the crazies!

Thanks folks. Just doing my civic duty. Speaking of which, I’m off to jury duty. USA! USA!

And the country rejoiced. Much rejoicing. Don’t forget to vote.


8 responses to “Paul Revere and the Bus

  1. Woohoo! USA USA!

  2. Paul Revere protected the citizens once again!

  3. Alaskans Taking Much Needed Vacation from All That is Palin

    Go PR – my new hero! I love that bus, too!

    Q: Why does Palin always travel in a bus?
    A: Because it’s too hard to throw people under an airplane!

    That was from the peanut gallery, as he peered over my shoulder.

  4. Woohoo! I bet that you really DO have jury duty. The ‘bots are insisting that Queen has been SO quiet because she is doing her duty, not really hiding from the fallout of the failed propaganda movie, or her idiocy about the debt ceiling. No, she’s working hard, reporting to that courthouse every morning, collecting her per diem. Hey, ‘bots, you might want to get a photo of her awaiting her instructions for the day…the rest of us know she’s really being her scared self, and waiting for RAM to write the next Facebook rant so she can appear on Fox again and lie. Go Paul!!!

  5. LOL!
    Too funny! Necessary comic relief. She really poisoned the discourse. Too bad she’s not under the bus with everyone she’s already thrown there.

  6. hysterical…………….thanks for that

  7. lol! Smartypants. I don’t have a PAC to pay for expensive bus wraps so I have to do it by hand. I was rather pleased with myself when I finished.

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