Sarah’s Newsweek photo shoot after a couple of wine coolers

Who else thinks Sarah the bitch is too tightly wound and needs some wine coolers? Let’s blame this drunken shoot on Willow swapping out mom’s diet Dr. Pepper. Willow gets blamed for everything anyway. And she obviously spiked the cameraperson’s iced tea also, too.

Look at me! I’m Superman!


20 responses to “Sarah’s Newsweek photo shoot after a couple of wine coolers

  1. O.M.F.G. I spewed.

  2. Glad to cause laughter and spewing. In-laws arrive tomorrow for a week’s visit, so I won’t have time for photo shoots (my blog activities are still kept from the in-laws, as cool as they are). I thought I’d throw out some fun stuff while Sarah is still wearing her “bubblies.”

  3. Ha Ha Ha Hee, Oh my gosh,

  4. This is too funny! She is a mess, and deserves all the ridicule and orange jump suits she gets.

  5. I’ve been enjoying your Perils!

    You mentioned in “About” that others would receive the Perils treatment — I hope you give the monstrous Rebecca Mansour the attention she deserves.

  6. mistah charley, ph.d.

    could we get the other shoulder of the sweater down also, too?

  7. Those were the best !!! Thanks so much for sharing with us.
    Boy, Scarah is sure sporting some hugh “girl friends” there. Is she trying to womanup?

  8. Nice! I’m having a good laugh also, too, thanks to you.

  9. Oh, yeah, and if she carelessly falls into the water, the “girls” will keep her afloat. How practical!

  10. Oh my. I haven’t visited in a while–what was I thinking? I have some catching up to do. There goes the afternoon, or what’s left of it. But first, a wine cooler is obviously in order.

  11. Hilarious! Considering how foolish Sarah looks, I can’t imagine what she would have done with one or two more wine coolers.

    I also, too, love the dock and scenery! Well done!

    • I suspect she would have been bobbing in the lake with a bird on her head. The purchasing department not only sends me an endless procession of oddly useful items, but also combs the internet for high-pixel backdrops for many of the photo shoots. I love photo shoot that are small enough to utilize the computer backdrops, because they save me a ton of work.

  12. Where have you been all my Palin-detestin’ life?

    LOL all around the rooom.

  13. That is truly hilarious, keep up the good work.

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