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Gone Fishing

Well actually gone burning. I’m off to Burning Man today. No posts from me for at least a week and a half. The Purchasing/Props Department might manage to do a “Behind the Scenes” post. The Purchasing/Props Department will also be moderating comments, since I will be computer and phone free for the next week or so. Three cheers for off the grid!! The barbies are packed and raring to go.  )'(


About that soon-to-appear donate button

My purchasing department has been bankrupting herself because she can’t resist an opportunity to supply me with props (born to shop).  I have finally insisted that we put a donate button on the site to help cover prop costs. The donate button is for her. If you feel like tossing a few bucks into the pot to pay her back for all of those crazy props, please do so. No obligation.  The prop train will never stop. I am resigned to that. My posts would have even more cardboard and masking tape if it weren’t for the imagination, shopping fervor, and eBay savvy of my purchasing department.  My husband keeps threatening to send her his wish list if I keep getting little packages in the mail.

Some posts that are in the works

Between Burning Man prep and Shannon’s unexpected death throwing me off-stride, I’m now behind on my posting schedule. However, that is not to say that I haven’t been working on ideas. There are several things in the works. I’m listing a few of the more well-formed ideas for which I have props and a general storyline.  Those include:

Jessica Beehive’s reality show

Sarah’s turkey pardoning

The Fisherman and his Wife, a Grimm’s fairy tale as told by one of my fans

Another leg of Sarah’s bus tour

The Pella BBQ

Other ideas I’m kicking around include recreating the hilarious cover on Levi Johnston’s upcoming book, Sarah’s reaction to Joe’s upcoming book, another segment of Bristle’s “reality” show, a smackdown between Sarah, Michele, and Rick, and Sarah’s hot-air balloon event.

Hopefully, September will be a productive month, with many of these ideas coming to fruition. Thanks for your patience.

For Shannon

My heart hurts today. I just found out that my dead son’s stepsister died. I don’t know any details, but she was only 37. She was the daughter of my ex husband’s  second wife. Shannon and Nehemiah grew up together.  I know my ex thought of her as his daughter. That’s two he’s lost in two years.  I know my son thought of her as his older sister.  This is so sad. Her mother must be devastated. Shannon and Nehemiah shared a half-sister, Megan. She has now lost a sister and a brother in the space of two years.

There will be no posts forthcoming. My heart is too heavy for humor. These flowers from my garden are for Shannon. And Megan, her sister. And Janis, her mother. And Rick, her stepfather. And the entire extended family. And Nehemiah, who would have mourned if he was still alive.

Break for Burning Man

I will be leaving for Burning Man in two weeks, and the preparation is intense. I’m trying to get a couple of short photo shoots done in between packing, but I’m definitely too busy to do some of the more involved posts I have in the works.  I’ll do my best to give you what I can. And yes, the barbies are going to Burning Man, so there will be a PlasticLand at Burning Man post when I get back.

A couple of years ago I dressed up my Ann Coulter doll in a bear costume so that she could go to Burning Man. Here is Bad Ann headed for Burning Man.

If Bad Ann actually went to Burning Man, she could meet people who would help her pull that giant stick out of her butt.

Bubblies go for a swim: Plastic Mayhem Update

How many of you, when you were kids, had those little inflatable flotation rings that slipped over your arms? I think they were called water wings.Well, since I’m still having fun with bubble wrap, I thought I’d try something similar with Sarah. As we talked about, her inflatable boobs look like they could work as a flotation device. Time to experiment and see if that is true.

The laboratory.

The subject.


Hmmm….it looks to me like there’s more air in her head than in her boobs.

How about we give her a bubble butt?

That would really annoy her.


Hey, that works well!

I’ll stick her up in the tree to drain and dry.

It’s an empathy butt.

Update: You didn’t think I’d pass up a chance to do in the Sarah doll, did you?

Still Life with Rock.

Sarah! This is PlasticLand God speaking! I TOLD you to crawl back under your rock! You NEVER listen. Now either live the rest of your life with a bubble butt, or take a swim with your rock.

I’d rather die than have a bubble butt!

Goodbye sweet millions! So many suckers, no time left.


Glug glug glug…

And PlasticLand God rejoiced. That flippin’ bitch was SO annoying!