Bubblies go for a swim: Plastic Mayhem Update

How many of you, when you were kids, had those little inflatable flotation rings that slipped over your arms? I think they were called water wings.Well, since I’m still having fun with bubble wrap, I thought I’d try something similar with Sarah. As we talked about, her inflatable boobs look like they could work as a flotation device. Time to experiment and see if that is true.

The laboratory.

The subject.


Hmmm….it looks to me like there’s more air in her head than in her boobs.

How about we give her a bubble butt?

That would really annoy her.


Hey, that works well!

I’ll stick her up in the tree to drain and dry.

It’s an empathy butt.

Update: You didn’t think I’d pass up a chance to do in the Sarah doll, did you?

Still Life with Rock.

Sarah! This is PlasticLand God speaking! I TOLD you to crawl back under your rock! You NEVER listen. Now either live the rest of your life with a bubble butt, or take a swim with your rock.

I’d rather die than have a bubble butt!

Goodbye sweet millions! So many suckers, no time left.


Glug glug glug…

And PlasticLand God rejoiced. That flippin’ bitch was SO annoying!


8 responses to “Bubblies go for a swim: Plastic Mayhem Update

  1. I was hoping you’d place her face down in the lab! Empathy butt! LOL!

  2. Hahahaha, lol. Her head is so full of hot air, it had to be weighted down with a rock. You are cracking me up again.

  3. Guffaw! I liked the updated Still Life with Rock! LOL!

  4. I love your photo blog!

  5. Gonna’ save & put this link where satire comes out to eviscerate bubbleheads like girlfriend here.

  6. LakeLucilleLoon

    Great, now we are going to have to live with Zombie Sarah!

  7. Great blog. Very clever and funny! 🙂

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