For Shannon

My heart hurts today. I just found out that my dead son’s stepsister died. I don’t know any details, but she was only 37. She was the daughter of my ex husband’s  second wife. Shannon and Nehemiah grew up together.  I know my ex thought of her as his daughter. That’s two he’s lost in two years.  I know my son thought of her as his older sister.  This is so sad. Her mother must be devastated. Shannon and Nehemiah shared a half-sister, Megan. She has now lost a sister and a brother in the space of two years.

There will be no posts forthcoming. My heart is too heavy for humor. These flowers from my garden are for Shannon. And Megan, her sister. And Janis, her mother. And Rick, her stepfather. And the entire extended family. And Nehemiah, who would have mourned if he was still alive.

6 responses to “For Shannon

  1. I’m very sorry to read this. Your flowers are beautiful.

  2. I am so sorry. The flowers are lovely.

  3. Sending you hugs. ((((((((Hugs))))))) I’m so sorry. All the best to you and your family. Your flowers are beyond gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Don’t worry about not posting, we’ll be here when you get back.

  4. It’s a terrible thing to lose someone so prematurely when your heart tells you they should have been around for many many more years. Sending my hugs along with the others, and I too will be here when you return.

  5. Because i don’t have direct contact with Shannon’s immediate family, it has been hard to get information. My ex-sister-in-law said that Shannon’s daughter found her dead in the bathroom Saturday morning. I suspect something like an aneurism. I really want to send sympathy cards to Shannon’s mother and sister, but I would have to go through the basket case that is my ex husband. Not sure I can do that. He NEVER answers email, and he’s very difficult on the phone. I don’t know how much contact he had with Shannon after her mom divorced him and Shannon became an adult, so I don’t know how this has affected him. I suspect he’s mostly dealing with his daughter Megan’s loss of two siblings. I feel sorry for him, but he tends to be useless about imparting information. Maybe I will try the other ex-sister-in-law for an address. Sigh. I didn’t realize Shannon had a daughter too. So sad.

  6. Heartbreaking.

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