Some posts that are in the works

Between Burning Man prep and Shannon’s unexpected death throwing me off-stride, I’m now behind on my posting schedule. However, that is not to say that I haven’t been working on ideas. There are several things in the works. I’m listing a few of the more well-formed ideas for which I have props and a general storyline.  Those include:

Jessica Beehive’s reality show

Sarah’s turkey pardoning

The Fisherman and his Wife, a Grimm’s fairy tale as told by one of my fans

Another leg of Sarah’s bus tour

The Pella BBQ

Other ideas I’m kicking around include recreating the hilarious cover on Levi Johnston’s upcoming book, Sarah’s reaction to Joe’s upcoming book, another segment of Bristle’s “reality” show, a smackdown between Sarah, Michele, and Rick, and Sarah’s hot-air balloon event.

Hopefully, September will be a productive month, with many of these ideas coming to fruition. Thanks for your patience.


9 responses to “Some posts that are in the works

  1. There will also be a big PlasticLand post about my barbies’ adventures at Burning Man.

  2. Does Sarah Palin’s hair catch on fire at Burning Man?

  3. And a good place to try my Lilliputian idea if I can round up a few little props.

  4. Believe me, I won’t feel bad. And the barbies have worked hard all year, so they will be enjoying the whacky vacation too. Except when I put them to work. Little voices: “You said this was a vacation!” Me: “No, I said this was a working vacation. Now stand over there and hold up your arms.”

  5. There are so many ideas I have a hard time remembering them. Maybe I need a spreadsheet. And Paul is the only character going to Burning Man. I have become quite fond of him.

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