PlasticLand at Burning Man

The barbies had a wonderful vacation at Burning Man.  They rode around the playa looking at artwork that ranged from whimsical to lovely, with every possibility in between. When the barbies were tired from roaming the art circle area, they returned to their encampment in the suburbs of Black Rock City and talked about the visual feast and the interesting people they had all met.

A strange forest.

The barbies loaded their furniture on one of the mutant vehicles roaming the city. Handy when you have too much stuff to carry.

Strange people.

But friendly.

A chat in the sun.

Hanging out.

A rest in the sun.


Platinum barbie is in awe.

Strange encounter in the desert.

Platinum and her friend climb Toyzilla.


Toyzilla is made of army toys.

All Hail Toyzilla!


Relaxing back at camp. Waiting for the rest of the gang to show up.

Trojan Horse.

Hobbits? Sparkle Ponies?

Costumes abound.

Hey, it’s Paul Revere!

The Greeks are coming! The Greeks are coming!

A study in scale.

A rare glimpse of PlasticLand God.

The Trojan Horse band practicing before the horse is dragged through the Gates of Troy.

The conductor.

The Temple of Transition.

Paul is impressed.

He sees a friend.

He decides to loan her his bike while he goes back to camp for a chair.

Friend barbie likes the temple too.

She rests a minute while contemplating the temple.

The temple will be burned to the ground at the end of the week.

Many pieces of art will be burned. Black Rock City is a snapshot of impermanence.

Paul is back with the chair.

He caught a ride on a pirate ship.

His friend rejoins him.

The chair becomes art for a moment.

Along comes the friend in the creepy costume.

Back at camp the friends discover that more camp mates have arrived.

Party time.

Definitely NOT Barbie Death Camp.

Playing footsie in the pool.

Lots of naked people at Burning Man.

Paul is modest.

What an awesome day!

Let’s all come back again!

We didn’t get to see all of the art.

A cool tub instead of a hot tub.

Hey, let’s go watch the Horse burn! We can watch The Man burn tomorrow night!

Pre-burn party.

The Horse contemplates its upcoming fiery end.

A pod of Banana People marches by.

Bah-Naa-Nuh! Bah-Naa-Nuh!

A party boat awaits the burning of the Horse.

A pirate ship sails in a sea of bicycles.

The Man presides over the proceedings.

The temple at sunset.

The Lamplighters head out to do their nightly duty.

Hong Kong on an alien planet?

Actually it is the street from camp in the suburbs, through downtown, and out to The Man.

The Man on the night he is burned.

He lights up one last time.

A blend of tradition and impermanence.

The Mantis stalks prey at sunset.

The temple awaits the burning of The Man.

This temple comes to its own fiery end the following night.

Temple guard.

The man awaits the flame.

The temple turns pink in the sunset.


The pagan masses gather in the deepening dusk, to dance and revel until dawn as The Man is reduced to cooling ashes. Drums pound with a primal beat  as the moon looks silently on.


8 responses to “PlasticLand at Burning Man

  1. Well done! Thanks for sharing the photos. Glad you are back on the job, though. Never a dull moment.

  2. I loved the photos. Thanks so much for sharing them. Glad you had a wonderful time and glad you are back. We missed you.

  3. Stunning! Gorgeous! Funny! Thanks!

  4. Just discovered your page. Awesome, your Barbies are always welcome at our camp! Paul too, we’ll give him a gun.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays!
    )'( Felony Arson )'( Mayor of Barbie Death Camp!

  5. We’ll be there…I think it will lucky # 12 years of BDC on the playa.

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