Mystery Solved: What happened to the bus tour?

Although Sarah firmly asserted that the One Nation bus tour would resume after jury duty, the bus was not spotted again. Even though Sarah crashed the Iowa straw poll week by “accidentally” becoming a visitor at the Iowa State Fair, supposedly as part of her “bus tour” of America’s Heartland, she didn’t appear to show up with her bus.  Well, heck. The bus must have been left on some airplane tarmac when jury duty called. Seems like it would have been gassed and ready for the next leg of the tour.  hmmm….

…At an undisclosed location in the midwest, near some podunk airport…

Come ON, Piper! Push! We’re going to miss our plane.

Mom, I’m pushing as hard as I can. Maybe you could, like, help.

I’m saving my energy for future fake half marathons.  If you want your SarahPAC salary you need to flippin’ PUSH.

Yeah, whatever. Piper, do this, Piper, do that. Flippin’ Piper salary isn’t big enough.

What did you say?

Nothin’, mom. If you hadn’t thrown the bus driver under the bus when he took this shortcut, maybe the bus would still roll.  Just sayin’…

Not to mention Paul Revere and those other people…

(And Walt Monegan, an early tire-treadee.)

Oh moosecrap! All of them deserved it! Suck it, enemies!!

Paul, Joe, and RAM might not agree.

Walt Monegan still looks surprised.

The vaguely bearded one could have warned RAM. Or vice versa.

We’re going to be LATE.

You still have to fill my water bra, fix my hair, do my toenails, fix my hair, and iron my jeans. Come ON!

If you want some flippin’ school books this year you’d better push your flippin’ heart out.

I can hire people for this.

They’ll just quit, mom.

And write a book about you. You owe me a hair frost, a lipo, a botox, and a new outfit.

Piper, you know I’m good for it.

Yeah, mom, sure. Make the appointments.

Make the appointments!,” say the tire-treadees.

Put your butt into it, Piper Diaper, and I’ll up your allowance and SarahPAC salary! And make you a babe.

I have witnesses, says Piper.

Flippin’ world needs to do what I say.

Plenty of room under the bus for more enemies.

We need to meet Tawd at the fair. Arrange it people!

I need a raise. Bigtime.

Okay…okay! The flippin’ plane to the fair is waiting for us, and they are sending a car.  These people…so easy to control. They like their flippin’ balls…

H/T to Fan of Balto for the quick and easy post idea.


6 responses to “Mystery Solved: What happened to the bus tour?

  1. Yeah the bus is perfect for throwing her enemies under, a lot more her style than riding through towns seeing rill americans,and finding out that they don’t give a flying fig about her. ( Still laughing at your expose’)

  2. You get better and better!

  3. Brilliant, as always. Health and peace.

  4. I haven’t peeked in for awhile, that darn thing of helping to earn a living fishing, but oh did I laugh today.

  5. Your posts are so much fun. We don’t have enough to laugh about these days. XO

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