Thanks for the donations!

I just want to thank the people who have donated to the purchasing fund. Even the tiniest amounts are greatly appreciated.  I continue to get small packages in the mail several times a week. A pair of shoes, a necklace, a pair of black sweat pants, a pig….  Shopping Sis never stops (I don’t think she sleeps).  Our phone conversations, which usually start with me saying, “Please stop,” inevitably dissolve into mutual giggles over the various props that have arrived or are envisioned.  Thanks to all contributors, and future contributors, for keeping the gigglefest going.


3 responses to “Thanks for the donations!

  1. I love your photo vignettes and the commentary is hilarious.

  2. It was shortly before Sarah’s “bus tour” that Paul arrived in the mail. As I was updating Purchasing on what I had received that week, I said, “And some colonial dude came. Don’t know what to do with him.” Then Sarah gave us her version of history, and the bus arrived the next day. Sometimes the timing is just magical.

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