. . . and run some more


5 responses to “. . . and run some more

  1. Nice scenery…not the runner.

  2. Look at me, look at me, I’m travelin’ all over the place to meet rill Americans. ( I’m really just trying to keep my face in the news so people will give me attention and GIVE ME MONEY),

  3. Haha … Glad you’ve continued with Ms SP’s wanderings … oops, I mean running. HOWEVER, no way she’s ever out and about anywhere near Seattle’s Space Needle. Hanging out in the Alaska Airline concourse at SeaTac airport is most likely as far as she’s managed to explore. (They do have great art in the airport if her layover allows time to do something other than text.)

  4. I actually lol’d at the dinosaur one. And stay out of my hometown (Seattle), Palins!

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