If you don’t like what I do…

You are welcome to not come back. I don’t get many trolls here because I just do comedy, parody, satire.  But I do occasionally get a disgruntled troll who can’t resist making a negative comment. So sorry, troll. You are irrelevant. I read your badly misspelled comment. I smile, I giggle, I delete. Ah, well, better luck next time (not). This is a place for like-minded souls to stop and laugh, smile, giggle, guffaw. We who like a silly break, who like to follow absurdity to its end. No deep thinking, no double meanings. Just a dash of playfulness, a big dollop of snark, a splash of mirrored reality, a pinch of irony. And a bunch of dippy dolls who wouldn’t have a life if I hadn’t enlisted them in this half-marathon of mirth. Do I piss you off? Make you feel superior? Well lol. What can I say?  Go find some drama elsewhere. I have some dolls to pose.

12 responses to “If you don’t like what I do…

  1. F…k the trolls. They do not enjoy life.

  2. The troll probably secretly liked it. That’s what made s/he so mad cause you’re so good LOL. Your work is fantastic! Hey I was wondering is there any doll type things you need specifically? Do you have a wish list of things you might want? I can find you things…I go rummage sale-ing every Friday though now winter is near. Anything you want? Make a wish list!

    • The trolls always sound so disgusted and indignant, which makes me laugh. I think to myself, “then why did you come here, dumbass?” As for stuff, my purchasing department apparently never sleeps, because I get packages in the mail all the time. If you really do want to look out for things, the most hard-to-find are black clothing, t-shirts, and Ken shirts. But please do not go out of your way. I almost have no room left in my house for real people stuff, so I’m really only interested at this point in the stuff that makes you go, “OMG, I have NEVER seen that before.” And due to the persistence of my purchasing department, I hardly ever say that anymore.

  3. This is a place for like-minded souls to stop and laugh, smile, giggle, guffaw – and almost wet their panties laughing. There, I fixed it for you.

  4. Seemed kind of orange to me. Which reminds me, I need to get around to doing a troll post. Maybe they can sit around eating donuts and bitching about libruls out to get Sarah.

  5. Heck, yeah! There are trolls enough for everybody on the other blogs. This one is just to have fun. You go, girl! (I know, that’s kind of dated, but it’s from the heart.)

  6. Trolls, moles, voles, they sound like food for Miss Cat. Bat them around and bite their heads off.

  7. You need to save these troll comments and then turn them into a post so we can mock them!

    • I saved the last one. If I get another good one, I’ll do a troll post. This current troll doesn’t deserve his own mocking post. He’s lame (bad grammar). The last one, which I didn’t save, was funnier. It was about donuts. I just don’t get many trolls posting, because they don’t perceive my blog as threatening their queen (none of those pesky facts they are always so upset about). And they don’t get to comment. Well, they can comment, but it just goes to me and I feed it to the dog. The dog likes tripe.

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