Behind the scenes: Playful Purchasing Department

I was digging through my Palin folders and came across this set of photos taken by my purchasing department.  You know how if you give your dog a bath, the dog then runs madly through the house or around the yard? Well, it looks like the purchasing department gave these dolls a bath and then let them get goofy before they went into a box headed for me.

2 responses to “Behind the scenes: Playful Purchasing Department

  1. Everything thing about this goofy barbie business makes me laugh. I’d like to thank your purchasing dept too. lol

  2. I think now that she has unshackled herself (yes, I am aware that the purchasing department has sent me shackles), she is going to keep flapping her mouth through the entire election cycle. PlasticLand is still in business because that woman will NOT sit down and shut up. As long as her lips are still moving, we have work to do.

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