The Quitter Trudge

Miss Quittypants finally quit “running.” Yay! Fling her into the wilderness. She can flippin’ walk home.

Almost there, you flippin’ jackwagon.


5 responses to “The Quitter Trudge

  1. Brilliant! Especially the Mall of America frame. I always thought her best days were as mall walker at the 5th Avenue Mall in Anchorage. The clerks at Nordies said she was there more often than at her job as gov.

    My favorite story is, of course, in the latest book where she applied for the police dispatcher job in 1991 in Wasilla. And she didn’t get it! Curious that 17 years later she thought she was eligible to be the VP. What a sadly deluded world she must inhabit.

  2. Funny how Ms. Quitty Pants waited until the day after Chris Christie decided not to run to announce her own non-candidacy. ..just another bid for attention? I love your blog, but this bitch is toast. Time to start gearing up for a new object of derision.

  3. Nobody cares what you think or say Quitty Pants, now you have no excuse for running around pretending to be important, you’ll have to actually stay in the same house as your kids. Isn’t that a depressing idea. Your kids don’t care what you say either. You are a bunch of hot foul air, with a rat’s nest on your head.

  4. Any chance that the last frame might feature the OneNation bus backing over her ….. somewhat unkind, perhaps, but many others in her employ have suffered a similar fate. Kudos to you, BTW, on great post!

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