This blog is not defunct

Aside from the fact that we all know Sarah is incapable of sitting down and shutting up, I have such a backlog of stories that it will take months just to catch up. I’m not going anywhere. As I’ve said before, Sarah and her clan need to crawl back under their rock before I quit mocking them. My original premise when I started this was Plastic Mayhem. That involved the denizens of PlasticLand killing off the Sarah doll in a variety of creative ways. Once I finally get caught up with the story backlog, I will have a bunch of Sarahs to mayhemize.  Of course, I won’t wait to the end to do that. I don’t like to get too shackley about mayhem, so expect me to go all mayhemy on Sarah’s skinny butt soon. In the meantime, I continue to work on a very large, involved photo shoot, which is why I’ve been quiet.


3 responses to “This blog is not defunct

  1. Please find a publisher for your collected material. I think we’d all buy your book to comfort ourselves over the long stretch of our lives when we had to worry about what the Palin puppeteers had in store next for the nation. 2008-2011. That was some stretch.

    It could be a ‘flip’ book. 😉

    Thanks for keeping her and hers in perfect perspective for us. (Poor Wendy — I wonder if she ever dropped in to see how you made her famous.)

  2. No way are we done. Babygate et. al: Let it roll!

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