Plastic Mayhem: Paul Revere and the Bus

The last time we checked in on half-assed, half-marathon Sarah, or, as OZ Mudflats calls her, “Our Lady of the Divine Sneakers,” she was trudging her way back home after dealing a death blow to the hopes and dreams of her crazy pack of flying monkeys. However, one rill American patriot doesn’t believe she is going to sit down and shut up, so he has decided to take things into his own hands.

Justice in PlasticLand is swift and mayhemy. It must be, because the Mordor of PlasticLand (PlasticDoor?) is pumping out an assembly line of Sarahs, each one screechier than the last. The good citizens of PlasticLand cannot rest until the fiery flames of PlasticDoor are quenched, and the Sarah mold is broken. Then, and only then, can the denizens of this fine land have their Banquet of Rejoicing.

Which courageous citizen of PlasticLand has stepped forward this time to take on one of the Sarahs?

It’s our hero, Paul Revere! Back for another round with the Great Screech of the North. Yay! We love you Paul!

And what will be his instrument of justice?

OMG, Paul and the Bus are reunited! Forward to the quest! Ring ring!! Blam blam!!

Paul spots Sarah trudging along. He speeds up.

Sarah sees the Bus.

She suddenly realizes it is coming for her. That Bus has become a h8ter. Sarah starts to run.

Paul and the Bus bear down on Sarah. Ring ring!! Blam blam!!

Sarah runs faster.

Not fast enough.

Ring ring!! Blam blam!! Bump bump!!

Then the Bus backs up. Bump bump!! Blam blam!! Ring ring!!

Forward again! Ring ring!! Blam blam!! Bump bump!!

And Paul rejoices!  Woohoo!!

Much rejoicing.  Woohoo woohoo!!

And peace descends upon the land until the next Sarah shows up.


7 responses to “Plastic Mayhem: Paul Revere and the Bus

  1. LOL! Can’t wait until she’s under the bus for good!

  2. I love the smell of plastic mayhem in the morning! Great big laughs…thanks.

  3. Fantastic work, thank you! This brought a big laugh to my early morning!

  4. “Ring! Ring! Blam! Blam!” Sheer genius.

  5. ring, ring, blam, blam, blam, bump, bump……bump, bump. blam, blam, ring ring! Too funny! Keep ringing those bells!

  6. The Baywatch visor was just too much. Now my sides are hurting again from the laughter!!

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