I’ve been working on a post for several weeks now, and still have at least a week more before I finish. Since this one is taking SO long, my purchasing department suggested that I tantalize you with a teaser.  So here it is, a single picture to hold you until this epic photo shoot is finished. Also, I’ve got one more short post in the works, that will be done before the epic. That one should be up in the next couple of days.


8 responses to “Teaser

  1. UhOh — Seems like it might be a tear jerker. Thanks for the heads up. Such a wistful looking scene.

  2. I spent at least 15 hours this weekend working on the epic. And another 3 hours this morning. Gotta take a break and do some yard work. I’ll be back at it this evening.

  3. Nice boat, I have to remember to thank the purchasing dept. lol

    • The epic is an ode to the Purchasing Department as much as anything.

      • And as long as I’m on the subject of teasers, for the first time EVER I am looking forward to November, because I’ve been assembling props for Sarah’s turkey pardoning for months. It is my humble opinion that the turkey pardoning interview is the finest comedy Sarah has ever done. I would be remiss if I didn’t document that important moment in comic history.

      • When Sarah is old and shriveled and bitter, people will still be pulling out the turkey pardon video and sharing it around at Thanksgiving. The great grandkids will ask, “Why is that lady laughing and talking while those poor turkeys are being stuffed in that cone?”

  4. this looks like Todd Palin to me.. but then again, it could just be Ken in a fisherman’s suit 😉

    love your blog. just love it.

  5. Ha ha Sarah is the biggest turkey of all.

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